Welcome to Jerry's Berries!


Welcome to Jerry's Berries!

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Saturday, 27 May   11 AM

Thursday, 1 June   6 PM

Tuesday, 6 June   6 PM

Friday, 9 June   11 AM

We are Jerry's Berries - home of the best locally grown berries!

At Jerry's Berries, we love our strawberries.  I use minimal chemicals (none last year), so berries can be picked and eaten, safely.  (Also means that we grow a lot of weeds!)   Our strawberries are juicy, sweet, and delicious!  We happen to think they are simply amazing and are confident that you, too, will love them!

Looks like we will have a decent season in 2017.  We missed a  couple frost threats and seem to have a good number of berries setting on.  I have just finished planting 2000 new plants--for the 2018 thru 2020 seasons....   

Public picking will be: Saturday, 27 May: 11 AM ;    Thursday,1 June:  6 PM;       Tuesday, 6 June: 6 PM;     Friday, 9 June: 11 AM    Commonly, they go pretty quickly....  so don't be too late.!!


We are a U-pick patch.  We accept cash and checks.

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  • "My family drove 2 hours seeking naturally grown strawberries to pick. Jerry's Berry's was a great choice for us. The owner was friendly and helpful, the berries were fantastic! ..."
    The Best Berries !
  • "I had one of the first strawberries of the 2012 season in a preview taste last evening... sweet and delicious, it is going to be a good year!"
    Andrew Campbell
    Berry Fan